About me

Let’s start off with a piece of truth! I had never thought of becoming a teacher and materials writer! This is something I never though was meant to do or I had what it takes to do it. I came to realize this passion as I started learning about English Language Teaching and I immediately realized it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Now that I have told you how it all started with me, let me tell you more about me.

My Studies

I have a Doctorate Degree in Cultural Studies with distinction from the University of Fez, Morocco. I got my Masters’ Degree with Distinction in Humanities and Area Studies. I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree with Distinction in English Language and Literature, Literature Major. In parallel with my final year of undergraduate studies and my years of graduate study, I received extensive training in English language teaching. This diverse and rich background has helped me acquire a unique view of teaching and training, and this is something I am proud of.

Areas of Teaching and Training

I teach general English, English for Specific Purposes, Business English, and Academic English. I also teach other subjects related to culture, literature and humanities in general. I have given several training workshops to graduate students and professionals on topics such as Writing Academic Journal Articles, Giving Conference Presentations in English, and Avoiding Plagiarism in Research Papers. I have also given workshop to professionals on Professional English, Speaking and Writing, etc.

How I Teach

I conduct the workshops and courses I give in an interactive way with emphasis on developing the participants’ skills and helping them progress in their training and studies to achieve their goals. Helping them realize their true potential and tap into their inner powers has always been one of my utmost objectives.

I am passionate about technology and I love using it in the most effective ways to realize my teaching and training objectives. Learning about new technology and how to make best use of it is a central component of my teaching philosophy and staying in touch with current trends in teaching is one of the keys in the success of teaching.

ELT Materials Writing

Writing teaching materials has added another dimension to my teaching and training experience. This is another skill that I have discovered and been building it with every new teaching resource I write. Winning the Lesson Share Competition by Macmillan twice was a milestone in writing teaching materials, and winning IATEFL’s MaWSIG and Oxford New Writing Talent consolidated my wiring career. You can check my Lesson Share Competition winning lessons at www.onestopenglish.com or check my Resources page.